PACT range of municipal and domestic sewage treatment systems range from the compact containerized steel packages for small communities to large city-scale installations.

PACT City-Scale Municipal Sewage Treatment

Based on the activated sludge process or a variation of thereof, PACT provides a comprehensive electro-mechanical design and supply of equipment from the screening stage through primary clarification, aeration, secondary clarification, tertiary treatment and sludge processing. Applied for larger populations the treatment basins are of concrete construction by others.

Moving Bed Bioreactor (MBBR)

The PACT MBBR combines suspended growth and attached growth technologies allowing higher MLSS concentrations and in the process expediting bio-reactions between bacteria and organic matter. The PACT media has a unique property of high surface area for a given volume. The media is typically designed and manufactured for this application. The PACT MBBR allows shorter retention time and thus a much smaller footprint than conventional extended aeration systems. Due to smaller footprint the PACT MBBR is factory installed, normally in compact containerized steel structures.

Submerged Aerobic Fixed Film (SAFF)

A variation of the MBBR, the PACT SAFF process uses stationary support media to retain an active biomass to reduce the in-fluent BOD Levels. Tubular diffusers are used with the SAFF media giving a good air dispersal and low level of blockage due to growth of biological film. The PACT SAFF reactor is a type of aerobic attached growth treatment process. Small foot print area, stable process, lesser sludge production and modular installations are the key features of the SAFF process. Essentially PACT SAFF system is a hybrid reactor where attached growth and suspended growth activity takes place simultaneously. Similar to the MBBR the SAFF system is factory installed, normally in compact containerized steel structures.