PACT® Compact Water Treatment Plant (CWTP) is a state-of-the-art pre-engineered water treatment system, benefiting from decades of hands-on experience in clarification, filtration and disinfection hardware and software. The PACT® CWTP utilises high efficiency chemical and physical processes to achieve portable water standard TSS in a very compact foot-print.

NOTE: Ranging from 10 to 300 cum/hr serving populations of 1200 to 36,000 and multiplies with additional modules.


  • Lift station (Option)
  • Flocculation system either with motorised flash mix or static mixers and buffer plate.
  • Lamella clarifiers includes weir plate, de-slugging system (manual or automatic) back-washing or cleaning system (manual or automatic)
  • Media filtration with manual or automatic backwash system
  • Vertical (FRP or MS)
  • Horizontal (FRP or MS)
  • Chemical Dosing System
  • Pre-chlorination (Gas or NaOCI)
  • Post- chlorination (Gas or NaOCI)
  • Coagulant Dosing System
  • Polymer Dosing System (Option)
  • Buffer Cleared Water tank
  • Pumping Station
  • Filter feed Pump (1450/2900 RPM)
  • S Body & impeller
  • S Body with bronze impeller
  • SS Body & impeller
  • Backwash Pump (1450/2900 RPM)
  • High Lift Pumps (1450/2900 RPM)
  • S Body & impeller
  • S Body with bronze impeller
  • SS Body & impeller
  • Air Scouring Air Blower
  • MCC & PLC with HMI (Option)


  • A modular concept allows for phased construction of water treatment plants and makes it adaptable to a wide range of sizes and flow rates
  • Compact can be delivered as a containerised unit. This solution has such advantages as: factory installed and tested, no construction works on-site, short delivery period, easy to relocate.
  • Lamella type setting media tested in hundreds of installation for setting efficiently and durability.
  • Compact in size for minimum space required.
  • Designed for minimum footprint
  • Tested and perfected through dozens of installations worldwide