PACT ultrapure water (UPW) systems are used in industries that produce semiconductors, solar photovoltaics, pharmaceuticals, power generation (sub and super critical boilers), and specialty applications such as research laboratories. Using a series of processes consisting of membrane separation (reverse Osmosis), ion exchange processes (ion-exchange or electrodeionization), Ultraviolet (UV) for TOC destruction and a polishing cartridge filter to remove any ionic or organic contaminants remaining below trace levels.

PACT Reverse Osmosis

Specifically designed for ultrapure industrial process water treatment. Used in industry as part of the demineralization process upstream of ion-exchange (IX) and Electrodeionization (EDI) demineralizers. Removing in excess of 95% of dissolved solids, prior to treated water feed to PACT IX and EDI demineralizers.

PACT Ion-Exchange and EDI Demineralization

Complimenting PACT RO in production of ultrapure industrial process water. PACT 2-bed IX followed by mixed IX columns use selective resins that require regeneration through the addition of chemicals. As an alternative to chemically regenerated IX columns PACT EDI utilizes electricity, ion exchange membranes and resin to demineralize water without the need for chemical addition. Comparison of the advantages of each of the two processes for a specific application will determine which to use.

PACT Polishing UV and Cartridge Filtration

PACT UV, in combination with ozone, provides a reliable solution toward the reduction of total oxidizable carbon (TOC), which is among the most difficult contaminant to control in a pure water system. PACT cartridge loop and point-of-use filters are rated at 0.03 micron or smaller to prevent bacteria or small particles from being sent to sensitive production processes.

PACT UPW Interconnecting Piping

MStainless steel remains a piping material of choice for the pharmaceutical industry. In microelectronic, however to avoid contamination by metal micro-particles, PACT UPW systems use high performance polymers such as PVDF, PFA, ECTFE and PTFE.