Normal biological water treatment is done traditionally by suspended growth mode (e.g. activated sludge and extended aeration process) or attached growth mode (tricking filter rotating biological conductors). The technology adopted in MBBR is combination of both which works on higher MLSS concentration in MBBR systems fast bio-reactions take place between bacteria and organic matter. There are generally two compartments thereby permitting more efficient and compact treatment.

The media has a unique property of having high area for a given volume. The media is typically designed and manufactured for this application.

The second compartment is the sludge separation compartment. Unique feature of system is to use media, which is constantly in motion. Due to the very fast reaction, the retention time is exceptionally low, which makes ‘The PACT® MBBR Systems’ very compact.


  • Engineered to best available technology and components of leading manufactures.
  • Designed for durability, easy maintenance and minimal upkeep cost.
  • PACT® MBBR plants requires 30% to 40% less space as compared to other conventional treatment systems.
  • Can be placed on basement or above the septic tank.
  • Requires minimum civil work.
  • Less sludge production thus less sludge treatment and disposal cost.
  • Ease in transportation and relocation.


  • Residential areas
  • Sewage treatment for industries
  • Hotels & Resorts
  • Workers / labourers accommodation at construction sites
  • Food and Beverage industries
  • Any organic waste water treatment
  • Rehabilitation sites
  • Remote sites
  • Offshore installation