Infrastructure services / Firefighting systems

Supply, installation, testing and commissioning works for the following services:

  • Sewerage, Drainage and Storm Water Pumping Stations including rising mains and gravity mains network
  • Potable Water Pumping Stations and Networks Combined Fire & Irrigation Pumping Stations and Closed loop Pressurised Networks
  • Sewerage Treatment Plants, Waste Water Treatment Plants, Rising Main, District Cooling Plants and Gravity Mains Network
  • Entire lighting systems including feeder pillars/Panels, Street lighting works Tunnel and Bridge lighting, LV cable networks
  • Surge Vessels, Valve Chamber, Odor Control Units, Inlet Screening Systems, etc.

PACT® Firefighting systems
We undertake supplying, installation, testing, commissioning, and technical support of fire systems works such as:

  • Fire detection and alarm systems
  • Water based sprinkler systems
  • Spray systems
  • Wet riser/dry riser systems
  • Clean agent fire suppression systems
  • Wet chemical fire suppression systems
  • Fire distinguishes