Operation & Maintenance

PACT® Engineering has a long track record of successful operation and maintenance management of water and Waste Water treatment plants around the world. Our company also offers same services for plants that have not been supplied by PACT® Engineering to enable stable and optimised plant operation that delivers high quality product at lower operation costs.

With maintenance contracts, PACT® Engineering O&M are honoured to manage and maintain full plant responsibility through our dedicated team. Our speciality is Effective operational performing by technically qualified and experienced personnel under local standards and international regulations.

Tuning & trouble shooting the unexpected conditions and requirements are a multidisciplinary back office team supports to O&M site service teams.

PACT® Engineering services include:

  • Site Inspection and reports
  • Installation and commissioning
  • Details study & design review
  • Operation and maintenance
  • Improvement optimisation & recommendation proposal
  • Replace and Equipment supply
  • Laboratory, jar tests and pilot services
  • Training at site and at PACT factory

Analysis and Consulting

PACT® Engineering O&M also works together with plant operators to optimise their plant performance, improve product quality and reduce energy and consumables consumption. This saves personnel, time and operational costs. We know that working together on challenges delivers results.


We have the ability to modify existing utilities by developing engineering solutions that improve the economic output of plants. Our services are covering:

  • Water Treatment, Softening and Filtration Systems
  • RO Desalination and Demineralization
  • Conventional Municipal Sewage treatment and modular packages such as MBBR, MBR, SAF and Extended aeration
  • Grey water and Black water treatment from Shower and lavatories
  • Industrial utility treatment plants such as Chillers ; boilers and cooling towers

Spare Parts Service

PACT® Engineering procurement team with recognition of operation and maintenance experts purchases thousands of items from dozens of vendors, and deliver them on time at the lowest possible costs for replacement of needed parts and can find the best alternative for your requirements.

Chemicals Service

PACT® Engineering O&M offers a full range of chemicals required for the smooth operation of water and waste water treatment plants such as reliable antiscalants, anti-foam and DAP and coagulation based on a comprehensive chemical utilisation analysis, including raw water characterisation by Jar Tests and laboratory analysis for the determination of chemicals specification, dosage rates and dosing equipment specifications.