Operation & Maintenance

PACT® has a long track record of successful operation and maintenance management of water and Waste Water treatment plants around the world. PACT also offers same services for plants that are supplied by others, ensuring optimized plant operation that delivers high quality product at a lower operational cost.

PACT® Engineering O&M department manage and maintain full plant responsibility through a dedicated team of qualified and experienced personnel, that offer:

  • Site inspection, generating status reports
  • Detailed study & design review
  • Operation and maintenance instructions
  • Optimization proposal of existing systems
  • Laboratory, jar tests and pilot services
  • Training at site and at PACT facility

Analysis and Consulting

PACT® O&M works together with plant operators of to optimize their performance, improve product quality, reduce consumption of energy and consumables


As Part of PACT scope of deliverables is modifying existing plants by developing engineering solutions that improve the economic output of plants. PACT O&M engineers offer this service for:

  • Water treatment, softening and filtration systems
  • RO desalination and demineralization
  • Conventional municipal sewage treatment and enhanced waste water treatment systems such as MBBR, MBR, SAF.
  • Grey water and black water treatment from showers and lavatories
  • Industrial utility treatment plants such as Chillers, boilers and cooling towers

Spare Parts Service

PACT® maintains a large inventory of spare parts on the major components of its systems for prompt delivery. For those parts that are not in the inventory, PACT has a priority agreement with its suppliers to deliver such items at a moment’s notice.

Chemicals Service

PACT® O&M department offers a full range of tested chemicals required for smooth operation of water and waste water treatment plants. Type and dosage of chemicals to be used are determined after thorough testing of the water or wastewater being treated.